Saturday, June 11, 2011

Delphi image components, ImageEn has a new home

If you have used image editing and manipulation in delphi, there is a good change you have used or heard of ImageEn components. I have used them in my photo printing program, Pics Print.

The ImageEn component suite has now moved to delphi shareware company Xequte. You can find them at or at If you want to see the components in action, download demos from here.


IL said...

As I can see ImageEN has commercial only version of components. Some time ago Hicomponents began giving ImageEn source code for free. I guess better ask Xequte now if I can still use that code for free. It's a great news that ImageEn is even more in business than ever because Delphi x64 knocks the door.

Mohammed Nasman said...


AFAIK, ImageEn free edition was released without source code, only binary files, you had to buy license to get the full source code.