Tuesday, September 22, 2009

D2010 suppport in tiOPF

tiOPF is a Object Persistence Framework. That is, it is a framework based around saving your objects to, and loading them from, databases and/or flat files.

Delphi 2010 support has now been added to the latest repository version.

No release has been made as of yet, so you need to to retrieve it from the subversion repository. See here for instructions.

  • Running unit tests requires copying the xdom.pas unit from Delphi 2009as this is no longer supplied
  • There are a large number of failures with BDE paradox tests. I haven't investigated this yetas no-one uses paradox any more
  • tiVirtualTree and related components have been removed from the gui controls as they don't work under D2009/D2010.
  • Unicode is still not supported :(


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

C# for the iPhone: Monotouch released

Novell's MonoTouch product has been released. MonoTouch is mono for the iPhone.
This allows compiling .net applications to native code and deploying to the iPhone.

There are akready 200 apps in the app store using Mono via Unity so the underlying technology is fairly well tested. MonoTouch adds Cocoa support and integration into MonoDevelop.

MonoTouch has 2 main issues for some users, the $399US price point, and the logo.
The price has disappointed a number of beta testers and the logo is the second worst I have seen recently (worst is the Toastmasters goatse).