Saturday, July 26, 2008

Subversion server options

I didn't cover subversion servers in my last post as I don't use one any more. However there have been some queries so here are a few ideas:

Windows installers
VisualSVN Server
official Svn 1-click setup
Other OS

VMWare appliances
Subversion and WebSVN on Ubuntu Server

Online hosting
Cvs Dude
Google search

I am not endorsing any of these. However, if I needed a server, I would probably go with one of the online solutions.


Olaf Monien said...

The 1-click setup is pretty much outdated (1.3 when I looked a few days ago). Don't use it.

Current version is 1.5 with many improvements over 1.3

Ricardo Cardona R said...

For easy setup one onle install use