Tuesday, June 30, 2009

iPhone programming might be getting a whole lot easier

The mono project has announced MonoTouch. MonoTouch is Mono for the iPhone and the iPod touch. Applications writen with MonoTouch work and non-jailbroken phones, and can be submitted to the app store.

See Miguel's blog for additional details. According to the comments, a beta should be released in August.

Time to start brushing up my C# skills.


marc hoffman said...

i wasn't aware that writing iPhone apps was currently difficult... ;)

Sean said...

There are not many windows programmers who know Objective C, there are a lot who know C#. For any of them, Monotouch would be easier.

Personally, I know enough Obj C, to know that I would rather use C# or even C++.

Anonymous said...

Another half baked Mono solution.

How many platforms are they supporting now?

Anonymous said...

So what about the upcoming cross compiled Delphi for the iPhone in X months time? How many choices are there for iPhone development currently? How much market share could Embarcadero hope to get?

64bit Delphi now.