Sunday, June 8, 2008

Coverflow update

TMS GUIMotions

TMS Software have released their 3d animation component, GUIMotions. It includes a number of animations including a coverflow effect. More info is available here.

My GLScene example

I have updated my coverflow example. I have included mirroring, multiple rows, vertical layout and a few other changes making easier to be reused. I have also shown how to use standard vcl controls.

You can download the latest version from here.

Using an editable TMemo control

2x2, Transitioning from horizontal to vertical layout

Vertical layout, 2 across

Horizontal layout 2 across

GLScene coverflow demo


Dana said...

Cool component but like so many other TMS components they perform very slowly.

Michiel said...

i have tryed it is beautiful


how can i use it with delphi 7 ? , there are some bugs

Sean said...

I haven't tried it with Delphi 7, and I don't have it installed anywhere so I can't test it.

What bugs do you have?