Saturday, June 21, 2008

ti Object persistance framework updated

What's up?

v2.50 of tiOPF is now available at

So what's tiOPF?

tiOPF is a Object Persistence Framework. That is, it is a framework based around saving your objects to, and loading them from, databases and/or flat files. See the overview for more details.

In a nutshell it lets you do things like:

user: TMyuser;
userList: TUserList;

user:= Tuser.CreateNew;
user.FirstName:= 'Sean';
user.LastName:= 'cross';


userList:= TUserList.Create;

for user in userList do

tiOPF handles the saving and loading of objects to databases and flat files. You can swap between databases by initialising a new persistence layer.

Why should I care?

  • tiOPF lets you code in objects rather than datasets (you can still use data aware controls though). This gives you more object orientated code
  • tiOPF provides database independance
  • Better code reuse. Because the persistance is separated out, you can use the same code across different databases and structures
  • Easier unit testing (in my experience anyway). I find it much easier to setup objects and test them that to setup databases and test.


Home page:


Birger Jansen said...

Just yesterday I was looking at the project page on SF and thought this project was almost dead. The support newsgroups don't work anymore, no forums and only some bug submissions.

Glad that I was wrong!

Anonymous said...

Hm, seems the support newsgroup is also just working. How did I miss that yesterday :)

Lee Jenkins said...

Graeme Geldenhuys said there may be intermittent problems with the news groups as his company (who hosts the newsgroups) moves to new offices.

Graeme Geldenhuys said...

I host the support newsgroups for tiOPF and fpGUI projects. We moved offices yesterday and today. Hence the reason the servers were down for a day. It should be back to normal again. :)

Sean said...

There has been nearly 500 commits in since v2.4 last year so the project is alive and well. Unfortunately that liveliness is not always apparent to an outsider:(

Aghimbausen Fenheihent said...

This is good news!
Those guys saved my life.
I recommend tiOPF for everyone who needs a persistence layer for really ruge applications (my case then).